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System status

You can check the availability of the API service through a simple checkInventory request at a frequency of no more often than once every 15 minutes.

This means that an item in stock can be checked to test the end to end communication and availability of the Reseller API.

The API is designed for a high volume of requests and is capable of handling significant traffic volume. However, there are certain situations which cause operational issues:

  • Frequent polling using checkInventory with less than 15 minute intervals
  • Frequent or continuous status requests for non-existent orders or products
  • Frequent or continuous order submissions with non-unique PO reference causing errors

We monitor the API for errors and situations which cause significant volumes of errors will attract our attention and will usually result in a query being raised with your technical teams. In most cases, this is the result of an error and is rapidly resolved.

In cases where the traffic continues, the ongoing errors can limit our ability to effectively monitor and manage the API traffic which constitutes a detrimental service impact. Our technical teams will contact your developers at this point and request that the errors are stopped and a change to your software made to prevent the situation reoccurring. We will work with your teams to help understand the root cause and identify a suitable resolution.

If the situation is not resolved and the errors continue to have a detrimental service impact, in extreme cases we may place temporary restrictions on API access (short-term blacklist) or withdraw access to the API altogether.

From time to time we may notify you of maintenance which may impact the service. This may be to the API gateway itself, or to the Oracle Netsuite platform. During this period, the API may be unavailable.

For all of the purposes above, we ask that you ensure that we have the details of your current technical contacts – should your contact change, please email with the new details.

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