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API Methods

All orders that are placed via the Nuvias Order Fulfilment API will use the exact same order status checks and steps that are currently employed in Manual and WebStore ordering methods. The key advantage with the API implementation is that orders are validated as part of the submission process and so orders can progress faster through the pre-approval stages of order fulfilment resulting in orders reaching the Warehouse quicker.

The documentation provided here is limited – full specification is available in the WSDL.


This is the standard order submission to the API.

field : orderID
When an order is created Nuvias creates a unique orderID that has the form:
Typical Sales Order would e.g. SO39609
field : purchaseOrderID

The reseller must submit data in the purchaseOrderID of an order.

The purchaseOrderID can be any text, but it must be unique across all orders, even ones that have been submitted by hand previously. Any duplication found will reject the order with an error and provide you with the orderIDs of the other orders with the same purchaseOrder.

By ensuring that any purchaseOrderID is unique this feature is used as a safeguard to ensure that orders are only placed once. A reseller can ask for this enforcement to be removed, but this will require a business case for justification.

field : shippingMethod
This requires a string from a list of possible shipping Methods that are available on the resellers Account.


modifyOrder can be used to change the following attributes of a Sales Order

  • Shipping address
  • Delivery Date
  • Order quantity of an existing line item
  • Add additional lines to a Sales Order.

If you want to reduce a line item to a quantity of zero, then you must use cancel instead.

It is only possible to use modifyOrder when the order is in Pending Approval or Pending Fulfilment stage.


Can be used for both CancelItem and CancelOrder actions.

Cancelling items or the entire order can only be performed at the Pending Approval stage.


The simplest of methods and one that resellers are allowed to use as a form of polling to test the availability of the API if this is required.


The order status available in the API reflects a subset of our own internal business processes. These are well known and understood by all Nuvias staff to ensure high levels of support to any reseller. Four simple order status levels are reflected via the API.

The key stages of an order are as follows:

  • Pending Approval
  • Pending Fulfilment
  • Partially Fulfilled
  • Pending Billing

Order Status

Note: Partially Fulfilled can be seen when there is a large order placed that has had to be spilt into multiple dispatches or where part of the order is on a long lead time. When all batches have been fulfilled the order will change to Pending Billing.

Additional statuses are:

  • Billed – the order has been shipped and billed. No more changes will occur.
  • Cancelled – the entire order has been cancelled by the reseller or by Nuvias. Additionally, the orderStatus method is used to retrieve the list of MAC addresses for devices which have been shipped as part of this order which are returned in the serialNumberList as part of the StatusItemList field.

Note that you may only cancel an order if it has not been approved. To cancel an order prior to shipping, you must contact the Customer Services team for a manual cancellation. Orders shipped cannot be cancelled and must be raised as a returns request for credit. Note that we may charge a restocking fee.


This method is similar to OrderStatus but takes the purchaseOrderID as input. This method is not available if a reseller has chosen to remove the enforcement of Unique Purchase Orders.

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