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Live and sandbox environments

There are two platforms available under the Nuvias Order Fulfilment API umbrella which have been made available to an approved Reseller – including a sandbox (also referred to as staging or testing) environment and production or live environment.

Sandbox or Staging environment

All customer must develop against the staging environment and be approved before being given access to the production environment. Sandbox and production environments replicate the same systems and back-end process, both use the same WSDL as described below. For validation, each environment publishes its own WSDL. The WSDL for staging can be found at:

Once an order has been submitted in staging, they will only progress through the system via a manual request to the Nuvias Operation team. This allows resellers to place orders, and for Nuvias to monitor the flow of these orders, under a controlled environment. This is important for example, when you want to test split orders to show partial fulfilment and test other special SKU code orders for firmware upgrades and licensing requirements.

Production environment

This is the live production environment which is available 24/7 for reseller to place order against. The Test Acceptance Criteria must be met before a you will be given access.

The URL contains the API version number, currently the only version available is 1.0 to resellers.

Note that all order submitted in live are considered live orders to be processed. If you must submit a test order in the live environment for any reason, you must first contact the Nuvias Customer Services team who can arrange a time slot for you to submit the order along with the details of the order. They will then catch the order and prevent it from entering our fulfilment process.


If you do not pre-notify our customer services team, the order will be fulfilled as normal and you will be invoiced for the goods. Goods returned due to a test order being submitted into the live environment will be subject to a restocking fee or other charges if the goods are not in a saleable condition.

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