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Stock and price feeds

We offer over 20,000 products to a huge range of customers with stock levels changing all the time. You need a way of making sure that your systems have the latest pricing and stock information so you can make accurate business decisions. So we created feeds in Hub. Just log in, click on webstore and select feeds.

Feeds Menu


Each organisation can create up to ten feeds.


We offer a variety of ways to customise a feed to your exact requirements.

Delivery mechanism

You can chose how we deliver your feed:

  • Email - Delivered to one address of your choosing.
  • FTP – Deliver to your FTP server, just provide the authentication and server details.
  • SFTP – Sometimes known as SSH FTP or secure FTP.
  • FTPS – Sometimes called FTP-SSL, this uses a secure TLS tunnel to protect your FTP connection
  • Stock In The Channel (sitc) – A website commonly used by channel partners to quickly check stock and pricing from multiple distributors

If you chose Email or FTP/FTPS/SFTP delivery then you can also customise the format of the feed file.

You can also choose the time of day your feed is delivered.

File name

By default the feed filename is:

Hub Feed YYYYMMDDhhmmss.csv

The filename will include the data and time of the file being generated so you can confirm the date and time it was created and when we send you the file you have a copy of each file (instead of overwriting the old one).

However, you may prefer to change this to include different time information or even no time and date information at all and just a static file that is overwritten each day.

The filename can be configured on the delivery tab:

Feeds Delivery


You can chose which fields to include in your feed, and which order they should appear. The only field that can’t change is the SKU field which must be the first field in the file.

Feeds Fields

CSV format

Our feed system generates files as a standards-compliant CSV or comma-separated value file. You can customise the CSV format to suit your exact needs.

CSV Format

The default format is as follows:

  • Column headers are included
  • Fields are seperated by commas
  • If a field contains a comma then that field will be wrapped in quotation marks.

An example of this format is as follows:

SKU1000,A Phone,150
SKU1001,"Another phone, with bluetooth.",250

If this format is not compatible with your systems then you can adjust it by going to the configuration tab and editing the advanced settings section. You can:

  • Include or remove the column headers
  • Chose to separate fields with commas or semi-colons (the delimiter)
  • Chose what to do if a field already contains your chosen delimiter:
    • Quoted - wrap the field in quotation marks,
    • Escaped - escape the delimiter character with a backslash \
    • Stripped - edit the field to remove the delimiter character

Source IP address

Many of our customers implement firewall rules or access control lists for controlling access to their FTP servers.

Hub can send the data file directly to your FTP server using FTP, SFTP or FTPS as the underlying protocol and you can nominate the desination port that we should connect to.

Our source IP address will always be one of the following virtual IP addresses:


Stock in the Channel

In order to set up your data in Stock in the Channel, you must first request the feed through the Stock in the Channel portal before configuring it in Hub.

To do this, log in to your Stock in the Channel account, go to Stock in the Channel - Nuvias UC and select Set up pricing. Enter your Nuvias account number and any additional useful information and submit.

You can then create your feed in Hub, being sure to select sitc as the delivery mechanism.

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