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Managing orders

Most of the time you will be using the Hub API to create, monitor and manipulate orders.

Placing orders

The easiest way to place an order is to use the POST /orders endpoint.

Order workflow

Once you have submitted an order it will go through the following statuses, which you can monitor by calling GET /orders/{id}.

Status Meaning
CREATED Hub is in the initial stages of processing your order.
PROCESSING Your order has been submitted to our back-end systems.
ACCEPTED Your order has been reviewed and is being processed.
PART_SHIPPED We have shipped some (but not all) of your order.
SHIPPED We have shipped all of your order.
COMPLETE We have finished processing your order.
ATTENTION_REQUIRED There is a problem with your order which you need to resolve.
FAILED Your order has failed permanently.
CANCELLED You have asked us to cancel your order.

A typical order will proceed from PROCESSINGACCEPTEDSHIPPEDCOMPLETE.

Attention required

If your order enters the ATTENTION_REQUIRED state you must speak to us to resolve the issue with your order. Once this is done you can use the POST /orders/{id}/resubmit endpoint to resume your order.

You can cancel an order while it is in the ATTENTION_REQUIRED state by selecting the Cancel button on the order in Hub. Once the order proceeds to ACCEPTED it is final and cannot be cancelled.


Manual intervention is normally very rare so many customers chose to handle this exception state manually. You can use the Resubmit order button in the Hub UI to resume an order that has become ATTENTION_REQUIRED, whether that order was placed through the UI or the API.

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